voices within

date 2019
location uno, green square
medium led lighting system, anodised aluminium cladding
dimensions 51 sq metres
photographer ian hobbs and artist
collection uno apartments

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about the work

Voices Within functions as an immersion space: a beacon to those who view it from afar, and shelter for those who walk under its gentle glow. The evocative found text and film resonate historical traces from the site and its current usage. The text relates to the phenomena of ‘home’, cultural demographic of the local community, the nearby waterway, the passage of time and the poetic relationships that travel beside these concepts.

The detail and complexity of Voices Within – narrative, film and code – is conveyed with just 1335 LEDs, each one operating as a pixel on the extended and abstracted screen. Like all of Backen’s work, this low res and low emission work is both “technologically complex but elegantly spare”.

Each evening Voices Within presents five, one hour ‘verses’ or episodes. The five episodes flow seamlessly between one another, inviting change and a contradictory sameness–a little reminiscent of everyday life. This flow becomes part of a continuous loop which switches on at 6pm and off at 11.15pm each night.


Project Team

  • Robyn Backen – Artist
  • Ian Hobbs Media – Animation
  • Trent Baker – Industrial Designer
  • Hai Tran – Technical Production
  • Bethan Donnelly – Project Manager
  • Amanda Jelicich-Kane – Curator
  • Harry Partridge – Cultural Capital
  • Dene Westlake and Beth Welsh – Lighting design and construction
  • Bridgehill Green Square Pty Ltd. – Commissioner
  • SJB Architects

Homage to

  • Wings of Desire - Bruno Ganz &Wim Wenders
  • My Brother Jack
  • Book of Change – I Ching
  • Sharkie Golf Sign
  • Issa
  • Confucius
  • Mr Ward (dec. 2009) Indigenous artist of Warburton
  • Mrs Warde

Special Thanks to

  • Djion Mundine
  • Leeanne Litton
  • Oskar Backent
  • Olivia Hobbs

variable dimensions

  • ZONE A = 403 LEDs | 6968 x 4531mm (31.6 sq m)
  • ZONE B = 278 LEDs | 4216 x 1560mm (6.5 sq m)
  • ZONE C = 654 LEDs | 13,050 x 990mm (12.9 sq m)
  • TOTAL = 1335 LEDs | 1 sq m