last word 2011

date 2011
location bundanon
medium voices, public address system, walkie talkies, tin cans, computers, led spot lights
dimensions variable
photographer Ian hobbs, neil mackenzie and artist
collection artist

siteworks bundanon website

bundanon history


Sound is usually a line of sight traveler. If it meets an object, this will deflect part of the sound in another direction. Trees, hills, houses and other objects keep the sound from traveling great distances over land as they "absorb" part of the signal. On water, there are minimal objects to deflect the sound and it travels greater distances.

artist statement

In 1880 Thomas Biddulph of Eeree (Earie Park) wrote in his diary, and each day he started with a simple weather report. His observations are the basis of this work. Last Word takes the form of what could be called a river fugue or simply a collage of voices transmitted then received— beside, around and across the Shoalhaven tidal zone. 


Project Manager: Fiona Winning

Collaborators: Michelle Xen, Ian Hobbs, Neil Mackenzie, Terry Hayes, Annemaree Dalziel, Richard Manner and Richard Montgomery