date 2011
location rejmyre, sweden
medium installation and performance
dimensions factory space, light, glass
photographer shirin adhami
collection artist

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article translation


This room asked for disclosure and with a subtle performative intervention the room was exposed to the senses.

about the artwork

There are many unused rooms in the Rejmyre glass factory building but this room invited engagement. It is a room without light, only a slight spill at the entrance. When I entered this room it offered potential.

The darkness suggested prosaic questions: Is it empty? Is it full? What was the space used for? This room asked for disclosure and with (a) subtle performative intervention the room will be exposed to the senses (of the audience).

about art lab

Art LAB is an artist run organization that creates spaces for making, reflection and intensive exchange.

Since its inception, Art LAB’s residency and programming has concentrated on the town of Rejmyre in the Östergötland region of Sweden.  Rejmyre is located amongst the forests and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm.  With a population of approximately 1000, Rejmyre is a small factory town centered around the Rejmyre Glasbruk, a glass factory founded in 1810 and still in operation.

Art LAB was initiated in 2009, building on the history of the Rejmyre Matters residencies and exihibitions.  Rejmyre Matters was a pioneering project that brought international artists and designers to engage the town of Rejmyre from 2007-2009 and was co-organized by Sissi Westerberg and Veronica Wiman.


Co-Director: Sissi Westerberg and Daniel Peltz

Coordinator: Hanna Lundborg