'Last Word 2011' - Siteworks, Bundanon. September 2011

25 September 2011

Siteworks is an ongoing series of interactive projects focusing on the unique Bundanon properties overlooking the Shoalhaven River. It invites selected arts practitioners, scientists and scholars to meet and stay at Bundanon, responding to the site through the lens of their specific disciplines and areas of interest.

In partnership with the University Wollongong and with the support of the Arts NSW and Australia Council, Bundanon has hosted residencies and extensive site based research. The conversation this year included presentations by several of the Siteworks Associates – a group involved in ongoing Siteworks conversation.

As well as presenting at the Sunday forum the ‘Last Word 2011’ team performed by the river’s edge at dusk on Saturday 25 September 2011.

‘Last Word 2011’ In 1880 Thomas Biddulph of Eeree (Earie Park) wrote in his diary, and each day he started with a simple weather report. His observations are the basis of this work. ‘Last Word 2011’ takes the form of what could be called a river fugue or simply a collage of voices transmitted then received— beside, around and across the Shoalhaven tidal zone.

This year’s ‘Last Word’ was a collaboration with; Michelle Xen, Ian Hobbs, Neil Mackenzie, Terry Hayes, Annemaree Dalziel, Nick Keys, Richard Manner and Richard Montgomery.


Last Word 2011 - movie

Siteworks 2011

On the river bank

On the river bank

‘Exposure’ Rejmyre, Sweden. July 2011

01 July 2011

Reflecting on time spent in Rejmyre

(It is now just over a week since I arrived in Rejmyre to take part in Art LAB.) I have been immersed and consumed with daily commitments…engaging with other artists, getting to know the township, experimenting, discussing work made here and elsewhere. This certainly has been an opportunity to engage, contemplate and explore in the calmness of a new state of isolation.

Not only “art” was made and thought about but berries where gathered, puddings where baked, kayaks where expertly mastered and the boules challenge is never over. Sissi and Daniel have established a wonderful space for challenging creative inspiration.



‘Exposure’ There are many unused rooms in the Rejmyre glass factory building but this room invited engagement. It is a room without light, only a slight spill at the entrance. When I entered this room it offered potential. The darkness suggested prosaic questions: Is it empty? Is it full? What was the space used for? This room asked for disclosure and with (a) subtle performative intervention the room will be exposed to the senses (of the audience).



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