spaced 3 north by southeast - performing labour

date 2016
location rejmyre, sweden
medium glass, audio, moving image, mp3 player
dimensions variable
photographer artist and others
collection artist

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project synopsis

…the site, an industrial glass production factory in Östergotland that, like many contemporary industries, has turned to auto-exhibitionist tourism practices to supplement a struggling economic position. Within this context, the workers inhabit a state of dual-­consciousness, their labour becoming both process and product, embodied and disembodied. They enact functional craft gestures and produce industrial products, while simultaneously producing a tourist spectacle that renders their labouring bodies, and gestures, as pure aesthetic products. This research considers how a conceptual performance of labour, about labour [in the context of these hybrid industrial/tourist factories], might be used as a strategy to invoke a parallel state of dual-­consciousness in a group of artist­researchers. The research explores understandings, of the complex role of contemporary human labour, that might be glimpsed from assuming this position.

(an extract from ArtLAB synopsis)