date 2004
location the bond, 30 hickson rd, sydney
medium fibre optics, halogen light box, lead weights
dimensions 1.5 x 3m
photographer artist
collection lend lease


Droplet falls from the ceiling of the 100metre corridor it is a mystery, an extruded glowing form, an amorphic shape, an object emerging from the dark cavity of the building. This object emerges from the interstitial zone of the office block. The corridor stretches the length of the sandstone atrium wall of the building. This point of view invites both a macro and micro point of view. It is the magic of a glowing form that invites investigation and allows ones imagination to stretch out and discover potentials.

This work evolves from Backen’s fibre optic work Drop originally constructed for the exhibition Catching…the Harbour. A complex exhibition undertaken at the Australian Museum - a science meets art investigation into various issues relating to Sydney’s harbour.


Lend Lease, Financial Review, May 2004